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Have your say POOLS

Council is seeking community feedback on how the pools are used and enjoyed over the Summer months. 

In mid-2017 Council engaged an external company to undertake a Pools Feasibility Study.

The study was to give a clear opinion on the cost versus benefit of heating or using other methods to help extend the pool swimming season across all council pools, and to indicate if these options would be relatively financially sustaining in the long term.

Recommendations from the report encouraged Council to invest in heating measures to bring the pool water temperature up to a reliable general recreation temperature of 26oC for the main pool season.

It was also noted that the heating may then allow a ‘shoulder’ extension of the pool season for some pools at a somewhat lower temperature suitable for lap swimming.

Pools Survey 

We want to hear from you.  What do you think about your pool's:

  • Water temperature
  • Season opening length
  • Program offerings

Take our short survey below and help us to better understand your future pool needs.  Your feedback will be presented to Council for consideration as part of its future planning process.

Tumut Aquatic Centre Masterplan

The feasibility report also recommend a new enclosed 25metre pool and program pool be built alongside the existing 50metre Tumut pool, and that the area be developed into a Regional Aquatic Centre.  This is a long term 10 year visionary plan and subject to future funding.

View the Masterplan below and let us what you think and if it fits your vision for the future Tumut pools precinct.

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If your local pool water was warmer (but remained uncovered) would you use the pool more often than you do now? * (required)

Would you be happy to pay a pool entry fee if your local pool was heated to a General Recreation temperature of 26oC? * (required)

If Council were to extend the pool season for lap swimming and training, opening one month earlier and closing one month later (Sept – April) would you take advantage of the opportunity? * (required)

If any physical improvements were made to the pool, what would you most like to see addressed? (more than one can be selected)


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Proposed Tumut Aquatic Centre Masterplan

Download a copy of the Masterplan(PDF, 592KB)


Tumut Aquatic Centre Masterplan Feedback
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