Stronger Communities Projects

$8.8 Million Invested In Major Infrastructure Projects

nsw govt.png Proudly funded by the NSW Government  

At the Extraordinary Council meeting on 9 August 2017, $8.8 million of funds for projects that build more vibrant, sustainable and inclusive local communities was endorsed through the Snowy Valleys Council Stronger Communities Major Infrastructure Fund.

These projects are listed below:

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Three components:

  1. Acquisition of the Batlow Cannery.  SVC have been pursuing several options and is seeking EOIs for possible reuse of the site. External contractors have also been asked to provide quotes for the demolition of the site.
  2. Develop a masterplan for the amenity of the main CBD of Batlow which includes incorporating the cannery, the caravan park and entrance to town.  click here to find out how this project is progressing
  3. Upgrading of the Batlow Caravan Park.  External costings have been used which incorporates a 5 year capex plan including lessee contributions.


Two components:

  1. Engage consultant to review and update existing economic feasibility study which was undertaken in 2007 to determine benefits of road upgrade.
  2. Obtain a cost estimate for ‘design’ of the major upgrade of the section from Piccadilly Circus to the Goodradigbee bridge.

Both components have been completed by external consultants.


8 Aug 2018: Design of the Brindabella Road has kicked off in earnest with the surveyor, geotechnical engineer and environmental consultant meeting with Council reps onsite recently. A small excavator was also mobilised to start taking geotech samples, and the initial environmental walk through was completed.

10 Aug 2018: Our external contractor has put together a model concept flyover video of the new road. The video shows an overlay of the new proposed road profile on a 3D contoured photographical image of the Brindabella ranges.
Check it out here



Two components:

  1. Enhance the Rosewood Memorial Park and Rosewood CBD including upgrade of children’s play area, new landscaping.
  2. Improvements to the Rosewood Golf Club (RGC) as an events hosting facility. Projects nominated include installing cabins for accommodation, new commercial kitchen for hosting events, new deck and landscaping. In-kind contribution from RGC.


Improving amenity through the provision of toilet, picnic tables, barbecues and better access to the creek for swimming.


Four components:

  1. Major Redevelopment of Tumbarumba Showgrounds - Levelling and improvements to playing surface, new amenities and spectator facilities.
  2. Completion of Stage 1 Creekscape Masterplan.
  3. Enhancement of Creekscape Playground.
  4. Construction of mountain bike trail and acquisition of trail building tools.


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