Rain Water Tanks

Snowy Valleys Council is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the environment and supports those residents who are willing to install domestic rain water tanks in order to conserve water and enhance the environment.  

Up to 40% of a household's water use can be replaced with rain water, thus reducing demand on the town supply whilst saving you money on your water rates.

If you live in the country, rain water is probably already an important source of your water. If you live in town and are connected to the town water supply, installing a rain water tank gives you a free personal water supply to use during times of enforced water restrictions.

Installing a Rainwater Tank

Before installing your tank, check that it meets building requirements.

Whether you need approval or not depends on various factors such as:

  • Zoning of your property
  • Size of the tank/s
  • Proposed location of  the tanks on the property
  • Whether any cut or fill is needed

If your plans require planning approval, you'll need to apply for a Complying Development Certificate or Development Consent - for more information on these please see our Building & Development information