Seasonal Bookings

Requests for seasonal bookings must be made no less than two (2) weeks and no more than three (3) months prior to the season commencing. Bookings are not confirmed until the Club, Association or user group receives a formal approval from Council. Where possible all efforts would be made for organisations to retain the same primary “home ground”. 

Organisations are reminded that use of a sports facility is for its dedicated purpose. All other events are not included in the tenancy agreement. This includes any match that is not part of the organisation’s fixtured competition. All such events and extra matches require written approval.

Application Process for Seasonal Allocations

Step 1: The prospective user completes the Facility User Agreement and submits it to Council with all required documentation by the date required.

Step 2: Council considers the application (delays may occur should the applicant not provide all information requested).

Step 3: Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing by Council. If there is more than one applicant allocated to a ground following the allocation process, and this decision is not supported by the other allocated club, a Priority Matrix will be used for determining priority.

Council will give consideration to a number of variables including:

  • Historical use of facilities
  • Tenancy record
  • Financial status
  • Division of sports seasons
  • Governance
  • Hierarchy of sportsgrounds
  • Ground capacity
  • Capital works investment
  • Under-represented target group participation

Late applications may result in organisations missing out on their preferred ground/facility allocation.  Where a conflict may occur annual events take precedence over all other bookings and therefore will not be subject to the Priority Matrix.