Boil Water Alerts

 There are currently no boil water alerts issued in the Snowy Valleys Region

Boil water alerts are issued when residents are considered to be at risk of exposure to a contaminated water source. In the case of a boil water alert a public notification will be issued to provide advice to take precaution when accessing the public water supply.

About our Water

In the Snowy Valleys we rely on six Water Treatment Plants to provide us with clean and safe drinking water, and each plant has its own characteristics.

  1. Batlow
  2. Brungle
  3. Khancoban
  4. Talbingo
  5. Tumbarumba
  6. Tumut (supplying both Tumut and Adelong)

Our specialist Water Treatment Plant Operators undertake quality water testing 365 days a year to ensure your drinking water is safe to drink and meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

If you have any concerns with the water supply system, please contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 275 782 (1300 ASK SVC) or email [email protected]