Arts and Cultural Development Grants

Snowy Valleys Council in partnership with Snowy Hydro is proud to offer an annual Arts and Cultural Development Grants Program to support our diverse and culturally rich region through community driven projects, initiatives and events that create opportunities for enriched arts and cultural experience within the community.

The grant program is designed to: 

  • increase art and cultural activities and integrate them into the fabric of community life;
  • increase community participation in artistic processes, activities, workshops and performances;
  • encourage creative collaboration between artists and the broader community to create artworks in public spaces;
  • create high quality public spaces for the greater enjoyment of the general public and to increase the aesthetic appeal of our communities.

Preference will be given to projects that:

  • Are inclusive and of benefit to the community;
  • Enhance local residents or artists skills through the provision of education;
  • Provide opportunity for connection through art and cultural activities in community centres, halls and public spaces;
  • Complement and enhance a site and surrounding spaces if relevant.

 Examples of eligible projects:

  • Activities that allow the community to be involved in high quality arts experiences.
  • Skill development workshops e.g. visiting artists or public workshops.
  • Development of cultural performances.
  • Development of new artworks with public outcomes.
  • Musical performances and/or workshops.
  • Dance performances and/or workshops.

The Program does not fund:

  • Projects that are delivered outside the Snowy Valleys Council area;
  • Projects without a clear arts or cultural component;
  • More than one application for the same project from any one organisation. Organisations can submit applications for multiple projects;
  • Specific projects or programs that have received funding three (3) times;
  • Expenses that occur prior to or after the project dates;
  • Fund raisers or prizes;
  • Lobbying activities;
  • Projects or activities presented in the context of a religious service or event;
  • General operating expenses of the artist of the applicant organisation;
  • Projects that are clearly the responsibility of other levels of government;
  • Projects that do not meet the identified priority needs;
  • Projects that directly contravene existing Council Policy;
  • Projects that are seen as a duplication of existing services in the municipality;
  • The purchase of land;
  • Projects that are based at facilities where little or no public access is available
  • Projects that will commit Council to ongoing support

For more information please contact: Trudy Crawford,Coordinator Community & Cultural Development

Ph: 69412542  E: [email protected]


2019  Arts and Cultural Development Grants

 Congratulations to the following 2019 recipients:

  • Artists on Parade – $2,500
  • Festival of the Falling Leaf Committee - $4,000
  • Franklin Public School - $4,000
  • Tumbarumba District Garden Club - $700
  • Tumut & District Historical Society - $1,000
  • Tumut Golf Club - $5,000
  • Tumut Performing Arts Society - $1,000
  • Tumut Rock the Turf Committee - $4,000
  • Tumut Valley Country Music Club - $759


2018 Arts and Cultural Development Grants

  • Adelong Falls Gold Mill Ruins Committee- $2,150
  • Adelong Preschool - $1,155
  • Franklin Public School - $2,000
  • Jack Ryan VC Statue Committee - $5,000
  • Piano Australia - $1,785
  • Rosewood Community Fire shed Committee - $2,123
  • Talbingo Progress and Ratepayers Association - $2,000
  • Tumbarumba Garden Club - $500
  • Tumut Potters  - $2,315
  • Tumut Town Band - $972