Local Heritage Grants

 2020-21 Heritage Grants

  • Applications closed
  • Projects must be completed by 30 April 2021


The annual Local Heritage Grants Program has been established by Snowy Valleys Council with the aid of funding from the NSW Government.

The aim of the program is to encourage the conservation of heritage items within the Snowy Valleys region and promote a positive community attitude to heritage conservation.

The program will provide kick start funding to encourage a number of projects. In the process, it is hoped that this will engender greater interest for conservation of heritage items within the local government area.

Generally, the level of funding per project will be $1,000, with a maximum amount of $5,000 for a major project. Applicants will be required to provide at least matching finance for the projects. Due to the competitive nature of the program, Council may offer funding less than the requested amount. Payment of grants will not be made until the project is complete and a final report is received


Eligible projects include:

  • New and reinstatement of fences;
  • Verandah reinstatement;
  • Parapet and roof cladding restoration;
  • External painting (heritage colour scheme);
  • Shopfront restoration, tiling etc; and
  • Decorative detailing reinstatement 

Funding will generally not be provided for the following projects:

  • Where assistance is reasonably available from another source;
  • Where substantial assistance has been previously provided;
  • Where the applicant has yet to complete other assisted projects;
  • Purchase of a building, site or movable item;
  • A new addition to a heritage building (including new internal fittings such as new kitchens and bathrooms);
  • Relocation of a heritage building;
  • Work on a Government or Council owned building still used for a Government or Council purpose. 


For more information please contact: Trudy Crawford, Coordinator Community & Cultural Development

P: (02) 69412542   E: [email protected]

Past Grant Recipients

2018 Grant Recipients

  • Robert Blencowe - $5,000
  • Stephen & Paige Radford - $3,300
  • Adelong Falls Gold Processing Site - $1,100
  • George & Judy Szymonicek - $3,600
  • Adelong Middle Pub - $2,500