Tumut Community Strengthening Grants

Tumut Community Strengthening Grants are offered to the communities in the Tumut Region incorporating the towns of Adelong, Batlow, Brungle, Talbingo and Tumut and supports activities such as community development, arts, culture, events, sport and recreation and tourism.

Examples of what may be funded include:

  • Purchase of equipment to support a project or activity;
  • Minor works projects (subject to obtaining the relevant approvals and permits);
  • Community workshops and seminars or skill development for members of voluntary management committees;
  • Flyers which promote and encourage involvement in community based activities;
  • Community run events, activities or programs.

The Program does not fund:

  • Programs that are delivered outside the Tumut Region of the Snowy Valleys Council;
  • More than one application for the same project from any one organisation. Organisations can submit applications for multiple projects;
  • Specific projects or programs that have received funding three (3) times;
  • Individuals;
  • Expenses that occur prior to or after the project dates;
  • Fund raisers or prizes;
  • Lobbying activities;
  • Projects or activities presented in the context of a religious service or event;
  • General operating expenses of the applicant organisation;
  • Projects that are clearly the responsibility of other levels of government;
  • Projects that do not meet the identified priority needs;
  • Projects that directly contravene existing Council policy;
  • Projects that are seen as a duplication of existing services in the municipality;
  • The purchase of land;
  • Projects which are based at facilities where little or no public access is available;
  • Projects that will commit Council to ongoing support.

For more information please contact: Trudy Crawford, Coordinator Community & Cultural Development

P: 69412542   E: [email protected]