Councillor Bruce Wright OAM


“I think at the end of the day, at the end of everything we do, we should say, “is that fair?” And if we walk away saying, “yes, that is fair,” then we’re doing okay.”

Councillor Bruce Wright OAM is a familiar face in Tumbarumba. He’s been a member of the Rotary Club for over thirty years. He’s the former environmental manager and maintenance manager at the Hyne Timber Mill, and an owner/manager of the Neville Smith Timber Industries sawmill in Laurel Hill. He’s the founder and key organiser of the Tumbarumba2Kokoda trek to Papua New Guinea.

Bruce believes that he has plenty to offer our communities, and  would like the opportunity to work towards unity and good governance for the new Snowy Valleys Council.

Bruce is passionate about cycle tourism for the region. He believes the Snowy Valleys has the potential to be an adventure cycling magnet, and wants to help make that happen through his role as a councillor.

Bruce sees the tourism potential of the region to become a cycling mecca and is an advocate of the rail trail proposal.

Bruce is future focused and sees the first council for Snowy Valleys as an opportunity utilise the natural beauty of the area to progress cycling tourism.

Email: [email protected]