Councillor Cate Cross


“I’d like to work together with the community to make it work well, and to be the best. Not just better, but the best.”

Cate Cross has enjoyed an extensive career working with vulnerable people. Cate feels that this experience prepares her for her role as Councillor.

Cate aims to be a voice for people who may not have necessarily felt heard.

Cate’s list of professional achievements includes working with long term unemployed people, Director of Capper Kindy day care centre and facilitating the Schools as Communities Centre at Franklin public school in Tumut.

Cate is passionate about communication and transparent dealings with people. She is working towards Council engaging its communities, big and small, to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.

Cate is future focused and sees the first council for Snowy Valleys as an opportunity to bring together the best of both former shires. Her first priority is to listen, and then use her position as councillor to help fulfil the wants and needs of the whole shire.

Email: [email protected]