Councillor Cor Smit


“I think being people-oriented rather than process-oriented; that's an important thing.”

Batlow resident and businessman Cor Smit sees Snowy Valleys Council as one big opportunity. He believes this whole region has enormous potential, especially for tourism, and wants to work together to see that potential realised.

Cor has owned the Laurel Hill Berry Farm for nearly two decades. Before that Cor established the Revival Church in Wagga, which grew to over 200 members, and worked in the retail furnishing and wholesale trade in Canberra.

Locally, he was involved in the Snowy Valleys Way project and Tumbafest, and he used to own the Restawhile Cafe in Tumut.

Cor is driven to encouraging others to come, see, and fall in love with the local district.

Cor sees that council has a role to play in encouraging business and bringing new businesses into the area.

Cor sees opportunity in the whole shire for various kinds of rural businesses to be established and feels that attracting investment and new interest in the area is extremely important.

Cor would like to play a role in establishing a council with a strong customer service focus from top to bottom, being people-oriented rather than process-oriented.

He sees that council has a role in developing the capacity of the communityby facilitating customer service seminars for tourism operators and retailers.

Cor is future focused, his fundamental vision for the Snowy Valleys shire being one that is a great place to live, as well as a great place to visit. 

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