Councillor Geoff Pritchard


“I think we have to work together and aim for the future, and I think we need some old hands in the mix; old and new.”

Geoff Pritchard is very experience in the realm of Local Government, having served 17 years on the Tumut Shire Council with ten of them as mayor.

He believes his nearly two decades of experience will be valuable during what will undoubtedly be a challenging term for the new Snowy Valleys councillors.

Geoff first encountered Tumut as a child, when his father served in Papua New Guinea during World War II, and the family moved to Tumut for fear of Sydney being attacked. After many years working as a surgeon at the Prince Henry Hospital and training medical students at UNSW, he retired to the town that had continued to hold a nostalgia-washed pull in the back of his mind.

Health remains one of his major passions. Through the organisation he started last year, the Tumut Community Progress Association, he’s been pushing hard for government to do something about the lack of adequate health services in the Riverina Highlands, and plans to continue to do so through council.

Geoff is future focused and wants to draw Tumbarumba and Tumut, and all the other towns, closer together, through the reestablishment of the Southern Harvest Trail.

Email: [email protected]