Community Engagement

'Fostering transparent, inclusive and meaningful engagement in the delivery of high quality services and infrastructure'

Community engagement is critical to Council in that it:

  • Assists us in our decision making and helps to strengthen our relationship with the community
  • Enables a consistent, transparent and high quality approach to the planning and decision making process

Snowy Valleys Council is committed to timely, consistent and genuine community engagement that will inform responsible decision making for the benefit of the community.

We recognise that community engagement and participation processes are a vital part of local democracy. We aim to strengthen the trust between Council and the community and build confidence in Council’s ability to plan and make decisions that will respond to the present and future needs of the community.

Community engagement is about involving the community in decisions which affect them by capturing and considering the diverse interests, opinions and aspirations of our community. It is critical in the successful development and implementation of acceptable policies and decisions and for improving services by being responsive to the needs of the community.

Related documents

The Community Engagement Policy provides an outline of Council's community engagement principles, techniques and procedures.

Community Engagement Policy(PDF, 96KB)

The Council’s Community Engagement Strategy reflects our commitment to engaging with the community, and other local and regional stakeholders, to ensure that all voices are heard, including those that are harder to reach.

Community Engagement Strategy(PDF, 223KB)