Audit Risk and Improvement Committee


The objective of the Audit Risk and Improvement Committee is to provide independent assurance and assistance to the Snowy Valleys Council on risk management, control, governance and external accountability responsibilities.


The Council authorises the Committee, within the scope of its role and responsibilities, to:

  • Obtain any information it needs from any employee or external party (subject to their legal obligations to protect information)
  • Discuss any matters with the external auditor or other external parties (subject to confidentiality considerations)
  • Request the attendance of any employee or councillor at Committee meetings
  • Obtain external legal or other professional advice considered necessary to meet its responsibilities

Click here to download the committee's Terms of Reference(PDF, 139KB)


The Committee will consist of:

Members (voting)
  • Mayor
  • Councillor
  • Independent external member (not a member of the Council)
  • Independent external member (an independent to be the chairperson)
Attendee (non-voting)
  • General Manager
  • Head of Internal Audit
  • Manager of Corporate Services
Invitees (non-voting) for specific Agenda items
  • Representatives of the external auditor
  • Other officers may attend by invitation as requested by the Committee

The Committee will meet at least four times per year, with one of these meetings to include review and endorsement of the annual audited financial reports and external audit opinion.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Phone:1300 ASK SVC (1300 275 782)