Delivery Programs & Operational Plans

Delivery Programs & Operational Plans

The Delivery Program is the primary public planning document for Council’s proposed activities and the performance measures for the next four years. The Delivery Program incorporates the yearly Operational Plan which identifies the principle activities for Council from 1 July to 30 June each year.

Operational Plan

The Operational Plan is reviewed bi-annually and a report is prepared for the community on the performance targets identified and our achievements.


SVC_Operational-Plan-2019-20(PDF, 2MB)

SVC_Revenue-Policy-2019-20(PDF, 941KB)


SVC Operational Plan SVC 2018-19 Half-Yearly Action and Project Update(PDF, 1MB)

SVC Operational-Plan-2018-19(PDF, 2MB)

Delivery Program

SVC-Delivery-Program-2018-2021(PDF, 3MB)

2017-2018 Delivery Program incorporating the 17-18 Operational Plan(PDF, 3MB)