Lease of land bordering the Tumbarumba Airstrip

Lease of land bordering the Tumbarumba Airstrip on Munderoo Road, Glenroy.

Council is pleased to invite Expressions of Interest for the lease of land bordering the Tumbarumba Airstrip on Munderoo Road, Glenroy.

The subject area is surplus to the strategic and operational needs of Council and as such, Expressions of Interest for lease are invited to enable the land to be better utilised and maintained.

The total area is slightly less than 50,000m2 and is currently under-utilised. Due to the proximity to the Tumbarumba Airstrip, there are strict controls as to what the land can be utilised for to ensure safety at the airstrip. Council is open to proposals in the Expression of Interest process for the management of this land with consideration of the airstrip activities. All proposals will be evaluated based on their harmony with the existing aircraft activities at the site.

Council believes that with the right leasee, this area of land in Glenroy can be productively utilised while also ensuring the airstrip activities are not hampered and safety is upheld. Council considers the available land to be an excellent opportunity for a small operator or community organisation to generate revenue while also maintaining the unused land to a high standard. Applicants with experience and/or qualifications operating within an Aircraft Landing Area are strongly preferred to ensure operators can meet the aviation safety requirements for this site.

Description of Property

Located on Munderoo Road near the junction with Mannus Glenroy Road, the area consists of two strips of land on either side of the airstrip. The land is subject to restrictions, and development/erection of any structure is also prohibited.

Click here to Download the Expressions of Interest Form(DOCX, 329KB)

Please submit your expression of interest by email: [email protected] or via the tender box at Snowy Valleys Council - Tumbarumba Office, Bridge Street, Tumbarumba by 5pm on 08 July 2019

If you have any questions about the process please contact Council’s Division Manager Assets, Planning & Design Glen McGrath on 02 6948 9135 or [email protected].