Integrated Planning and Reporting Documents


Council is required to develop long, medium and short term plans that detail how the community’s vision, aspirations and priorities will be delivered via projects and services.

Snowy Valleys Council is committed to using the IP&R Framework to strengthen the linkages between community aspirations, financial capacity and practical service delivery. 

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Community Strategic Plan 2028

Snowy Valleys 2028 is the community’s long term plan for capturing the priorities and ideas of local people to create a better future for the region. Snowy Valleys 2028 will guide Council’s decisions and actions, and inform ongoing reviews of services and other numerous strategies.

The Delivery Program 2018-2028 and Operational Plan 2018-2019

The delivery program outlines the priority areas that Council will focus on over the next three years. The progress and achievements of the Delivery Program will be reported to Council at the last meeting of our Councillor’s elected term. The Operational Plan is a one (1) year plan which set performance measures to ensure the activities of the Delivery Program are achieved.

Draft Fees and Charges Schedule – 2018-2019

The draft fees and charges 2018-2019 schedule sets out the fees that Council can charge for all services and programs.  It has been prepared using a 2.5% CPI increase.

Long Term Financial Plan 2018-2028

The 10 year plan projects Council’s financial position for at least 10 years and includes improvement strategies proposed by Council to improve sustainability.

The Workforce Management Plan 2018-2022

 Addresses the human element of Council.  It looks at ensuring that staff have the necessary skills to implement the Delivery Program and promotes staff retention. 

Asset Management Plan 2018-2028

The 10 year plan details how Council’s asset portfolio will meet the service delivery needs of its community into the future, and ensure the integration of Council’s asset management with its long term strategic plan.


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