Khancoban Pool Upgrade

On track to open in December 2017


The Khancoban community will receive a refurbished swimming pool with works due to finish in December 2017.

The new pool will provide Khancoban residents and visitors with a much improved facility.  Residents will soon be enjoying all the benefits of modern swimming facilities and council will have the bonus of reduced maintenance costs.

The project includes provision for a new concrete tiled structure, shortening of the pool to 25 metres, new pipe work and the installation of an accessible ramp.

The $685,000 project has been supported by a $215,000 National Stronger Regions grant finalised in February this year, along with a healthy funding injection from Snowy Valleys Council and various Khancoban community groups.

The project is part of Snowy Valleys Council’s commitment to improving the amenity and livability of its towns and villages. Providing a modern swimming facility for Khancoban is further investment in the town’s livability. It will contribute to the health and wellbeing of families, young people and older residents and provide another attraction for visitors over the summer months.

The new pool will have a number of advantages for the community.  It will meet all accessibility requirements, making it easier for mobility and our older residents to use.  The new pool will also be compliant length for swimming competitions and there's plans to bring back the big inflatable.