Snowy Valleys Destination Management Plan

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The Snowy Valleys Destination Management Plan (DMP) is a strategic document developed to provide a framework to guide sustainable tourism development over the next four years.

Are we on the right track?

We are pleased to share with you the draft Snowy Valleys Destination Management Plan and the Snowy Valleys Visitors Services Strategy and we welcome your feedback. 

The DMP includes strategies to maintain and potentially grow existing tourist markets, to encourage repeat visitation and increase the length of visitor stay, plus more.

The DMP will also be critical in accessing future funding from State and Federal Government sources.

The key strategic themes identified in the Snowy Valleys DMP are:

  • Leveraging from iconic nature assets
  • Creating a premier cycling destination
  • Showcasing regional produce through contemporary food and agri-tourism experiences;
  • Revitalising assets, infrastructure and accommodation
  • Maximising strategic positioning, linkages and tourism governance

The Visitors Services Strategy (VSS) provides recommendations for best practice visitor servicing and opportunities for improvement across the Snowy Valleys region. 

Grow the visitor economy

This Destination Management Plan has been prepared in conjunction with the Snowy Valleys Visitor Services Strategy which considers more broadly how to grow the visitor economy.

Collectively the DMP and VSS establish clear direction for destination development and Council’s vision for the future.

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What is a DMP?

Destination Management Planning is based on the holistic consideration of a region’s tourism industry, and the tourism industry’s position in the regional economy.  Destination Management Plans reflect the attributes of each destination providing a blueprint for future investment in tourism including new experiences and attractions, and infrastructure requirements (roads, parks, technology) to support visitor growth.

The Destination Management Plan (DMP) for the Snowy Valleys will follow the Guide to Best Practice in Destination Management, as developed by the Australian Regional Tourism Network (ARTN).   It will draw on a wide range of primary research, policy analysis and consultation in order to understand the priorities for tourism development in the Snowy Valleys and ensure it is tailored to the needs of the region.

If you are a business owner/operator, what does this mean for you?

The final DMP will support visitation growth, enhance visitor experience, and support awareness of the region resulting in greater expenditure in local businesses. 

What is Council’s role in tourism and destination management?

Snowy Valleys Council has a key role to play in driving sustainable growth of tourism in the region through supporting identified strategic development opportunities, marketing the region and addressing any existing barriers to tourism growth.

What happens to all of the information collected during the consultation phase?

Information collected during the consultation phase will be aggregated so as not to reveal individual responses, with original information securely stored by Urban Enterprise and destroyed after 5 years. Information will not be provided to any third parties.

When will the community see the finished plan?

Preparation of the Snowy Valleys DMP will be a participatory process-which will involve industry stakeholders as well as the local community.  A public Draft Destination Management Plan will be made available for the community to provide feedback on in late April 2018 through Council’s website, with feedback incorporated into the Final DMP to be completed by June 2018.

Who can I talk to about tourism and destination management in the Snowy Valleys Council?

 If you have any questions regarding the project feel free to get in touch via the on-line Feedback Form or contact Natasha McQueen via email [email protected] or phone 6948 9195