Council Launches 'Towards 2042' Consultation

Published on 12 July 2021


Snowy Valleys Council is excited to launch Towards 2042, a consultation project that will help shape the future of the Snowy Valleys Region.

Through the Towards 2042 project, Council will seek important feedback from the community on the main ideas and priorities for the region over the coming 20 years and document these in the next Community Strategic Plan. 

At the changeover of each Council term council is required to review the Community Strategic Plan and make sure it is an accurate representation of future community aspirations. 

These aspirations then provide direction for Council and other government agencies to set budgets, determine specific actions and targets to measure progress against.

“Towards 2042 asks the local community to describe what living in the Snowy Valleys looks like in the future – what is our environment like, what services do we have available to us, how supported and connected are our communities,” said Mayor James Hayes.

“We all aspire for a better future, and consultation for the Towards 2042 project is all about gathering answers to broad questions that ask us to consider what we love about where we live, what we’d like our future to look like, and how we will get there,” Cr Hayes said.

“The resulting Community Strategic Plan is not just a Council document, but a representation of community aspirations.”

Towards 2042 community consultation will commence with a range of activities across the region, including a self-paced on-line survey, a random telephone survey and drop-in sessions in the main streets of Tumut, Batlow, Adelong, Khancoban, Tumbarumba, Jingellic and Talbingo.

Consultation for Towards 2042 will also be part of the two all day Future Focus Community events to be held on 28 and 29 July in Tumut and Tumbarumba.

The Future Focus events are planned to be high energy 'one-stop-shops' for community members to drop in at a time that suits during the day to find out and provide feedback firsthand on key Council projects, services and strategies that impact on the Snowy Valleys community, including the Towards 2042 project and the proposed Special Rate Variation (SRV).

CEO Matthew Hyde said the Future Focus events have been designed to provide ability for community to learn more about Council’s services that interest them and accommodate the high volume of Council projects that require community input or feedback in a COVID-safe way.

“The two Future Focus events will host a range of council services and projects with interactive displays and activities so that community members can move around during the day to learn, discuss and provide any feedback directly to key staff involved,” said Mr Hyde.

“The Future Focus events will mean individual projects can be placed within the broader Council context, and the community can provide feedback on multiple projects/strategies during one outing,” Mr Hyde explained.

Council is seeking feedback and public contributions on a range of council projects and plans including the Towards 2042 Community Strategic Plan, Special Rate Variation, Place Plans, the Trails and Track Regional Master Plan, Companion Animal Strategy, LEP/Rural Land Study, the Disability Inclusion Access Plan, Reconciliation Action Plan and the Local Response Plan.

“There will be several opportunities for people to conveniently share their thoughts on these and a whole lot more, including hard copy surveys, on-line surveys, online community meetings, drop-in sessions, on-line feedback forms and for our younger residents, creative drawing kits.” Mr Hyde said.

“I encourage everyone to get involved during July and help us shape the future of the Snowy Valleys. We will have full details on how to get involved on our website.“

Future Focus Events:

Tumut - Wednesday 28 July 11am - 6.30pm, Boys Club Hall

Tumbarumba - Thursday 29 July - 11am – 6.30pm, RSL Hall






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