Council puts a focus on waste management

Published on 03 January 2019

recycling image.png

Reducing waste, diverting organic waste from landfill and financial viability, are all being explored as Council staff begin to review current waste and resource management services.

“The explorative work is part of a bigger plan to deliver a Waste Management Strategy,” said Council’s Acting Director Assets and Infrastructure Heinz Kausche. “The strategy will look at Council’s current waste services, where they fit in to Council’s overall strategic vision and, in context, consider what actions should be taken over the next ten years to manage waste responsibly and sustainably.

“The development of the strategy will include extensive consultation with the community, industry, regulatory authorities and the business sector.

“A feasibility study into kerbside green waste and any impacts on ratepayers is also being progressed as part of the strategy”.

The NSW Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2014–21 provides a clear framework for waste management over the next seven years in NSW including diverting 75 per cent of household waste from landfill and increasing recycling rates to 70 per cent.

Mr Kausche said the Snowy Valleys Council’s Waste Management Strategy would be informed by the Government’s framework and targets.

“There are costs associated with managing waste and the SVC Waste Management Strategy will focus attention and efforts in cost, time and resources, including reducing waste, the reuse of raw materials and recycling,” Mr Kausche explained.

“We will work together with businesses, industry, state government agencies, local government and the broader community to clarify our long-term goals and priorities for managing waste in the Snowy Valleys”.

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