Recycle app Makes Recycling Easier in the Snowy Valleys

Published on 18 December 2019

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Snowy Valleys Council is featured in a new photo recognition recycling app launched by the NSW Government and the Australian Council of Recycling.

The new app, Recycle Mate will allow people to take a photograph  of an item and immediately find out where it can be recycled in their NSW locality, based on geolocation and the recycling system available in that location.

Council’s General Manager Matthew Hyde said the app provides localised information to help people recycle more effectively.

“It means more items can be recovered and reused, helping us to close the loop and reduce waste to landfill,” he said.

NSW has a strong history of recycling – most of the state has had kerbside collection services since the 1990s. It is estimated that between 10-15% of the materials collected in kerbside recycling is incorrectly disposed so cannot be recycled.

The app identifies which suburb you’re in and provides tailored information to each council’s recycling collection system.

“The app will make recycling easier for residents and visitors to the Snowy Valleys and is designed to reduce contamination in kerbside recycling,” Mr Hyde said.

“It’s especially useful for visitors and holiday makers as not all council recycling systems are the same so the app will provide localised information to help people whether at home, at a friend’s house, house sitting or camping in the region”.

The Recycle Mate app is free to download and is available on Apple and Android devices.

Users simply download the app to their device and upload a photo of the product or packaging to learn how to recycle or dispose of it in the local council area.

The app's database is constantly being updated as users share their questions about recycling. If an item isn't yet listed, users can automatically upload a photo to help build the app's intelligence.

The NSW Government has supported the project with a $350,000 grant through the NSW Environment Protection Authority’s Waste Less, Recycle More initiative.

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