Environmental Monitoring

Grey Water & Effluent Quality Monitoring 

In compliance with NSW EPA regulations, Snowy Valleys Council undertakes a rigorous monitoring of the effluent quality control released from our various water and wastewater treatment facilities across the relevant Snowy Valleys Council areas.

You can access the latest performance monitoring results here:

December 2018 Pt2(PDF, 149KB)

December 2018 Pt1(PDF, 125KB)

November 2018(PDF, 142KB)

October 2018 Pt2(PDF, 141KB)

October 2018(PDF, 130KB)

September 2018(PDF, 113KB)

August 2018 (Tumut)(PDF, 96KB)

July 2018(PDF, 126KB)

June 2018(PDF, 125KB)

May 2018 Pt 2(PDF, 144KB)

May 2018 Pt 1(PDF, 144KB)

April 2018 Pt 2(PDF, 162KB)

April 2018 Pt 1(PDF, 161KB)

March 2018(PDF, 159KB)

February 2018 Pt 2(PDF, 152KB)

February 2018 Pt 1(PDF, 151KB)

January 2018(PDF, 150KB)