Water Billing


How often are we billed?

Tumubarumba Area 

If you are on a metered supply, you will be billed four times a year, every three months. Readings occur March, June, September and December.

Tumut Area

If you are on a metered supply, you will be billed twice a year. Readings occur June and December.


How do I locate my meter?

Your meter is usually at the front of your property near the side boundary. It is usually above ground and may have a cover over it.


How do I read my water meter?

The numbers shown on your bill are the black numbers on the meter, which show kilolitres. The red dials show litres. To see your water and activity use, read the meter before you start (e.g. watering the garden) then read it again afterwards and the difference between the two numbers is the consumption.


I don't think I have used as much water as my bill states. What can I do?

Firstly, compare the current reading on the account with what your meter is reading now (black dials only).

  • If the read on the meter is lower, contact our Customer Service Team to have it checked and corrected.
  • If the read is the same or higher, check your property for leaks. The internal plumbing from the water meter is the owner’s responsibility so if you discover a leak contact a plumber to locate and repair it asap.

Checking for leaks

Method 1

  • Make sure all taps are turned off
  • Look at the dials on your water meter - If any of them are moving then you have a leak

Method 2

  • Take a reading last thing at night
  • Take a second reading the next morning
  • If no one has used any water overnight and the reading has changed, then you know there is a leak


How can I get a special meter read?

A Special Meter Read is when a meter is read and a certificate is issued stating what the water bill would be if issued on that day. This is used primarily for conveyancing purposes. Charges apply for meter reads and must be in writing with the fee paid.

If you would like to calculate the bill yourself, read the meter and contact our Customer Service Team for further assistance.