Tumbarumba Multi Service Outlet

The Tumbarumba Multi Service Outlet is a Council run initiative comprising the Commonwealth Home Support Programme* (CHSP), providing services to frail aged people, their carers and people with disabilities in the Tumbarumba area. 

The Tumbarumba Multi Service Outlet provides the following home and community care services:

  • Meals on Wheels
  • Community Transport
  • Home Modifications & Maintenance
  • Daily Phone Call Service
  • Domestic Assistance
  • Respite
  • Social Support

*The CHSP is one consolidated program that provides entry-level home support for older people who need assistance to keep living independently at home and in their community. Carers of these clients will also benefit from services provided through the CHSP.

Contact Details 

For all enquiries contact the Coordinator on (02) 6948 9161 during business hours

Rural Transaction Centre, 10 Bridge Street, Tumbarumba


Meals on Wheels

Delivered by volunteers, Meals on Wheels provides meals for those in the CHSP target group. Hot meals are delivered five (5) days per week. Frozen meals are available for weekends and for those living in outlying areas.

Community Transport

Community Transport caters for those in the CHSP target group and those in the community who are disadvantaged because of isolation and lack of transport.  All vehicles are driven by volunteers.

Bookings can be made between 8.30am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

For more information see our Community Transport page

Home Modifications & Maintenance

Home Modification and Maintenance is organised for overall safer living for those in the CHSP target group. Referrals for Home Modifications are made by an Occupational Therapist. All major work will be carried out by qualified professionals.

Daily Phone Call Service

Run by volunteers, a daily phone call is made to check on the well-being of people who live alone and are disabled, isolated, and frail or medically at risk.

Domestic Assistance

The provision of domestic help on a short term basis until long term support can be guaranteed.  This service is brokered to other service providers in the area.


The provision of respite care to enable the carer of a person to have some time of their own.  This is short term only and has to be done as in home care with the client. This can be a one off service or for a short period.  This service is brokered to other service providers in the area.

Social support

  • Various outings throughout the year to a variety of locations
  • Heavenly Hands, a gentle hand massage and mini manicure service
  • Gentle exercise programs for older people
  • Other one-off programs throughout the year