Native Animals


The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage provides a list of native wildlife and protected species and advice on what can be done in cases where a native animal is causing damage to your property.

Snowy Valleys Council does not investigate or collect native animals or wildlife

Injured Wildlife

Call WIRES on 1300 094 737

If you find a distressed, injured or orphaned native animal, or if you have an unwelcome native animal in your yard you should firstly contact WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.). WIRES has a dedicated Rescue Office which operates 365 days a year assisting the community to help native animals in distress.  

WIRES Riverina Website

Basic Tips

Native fauna does not respond well to human contact. The stress of handling can be fatal to an injured animal. If necessary follow the below basic tips and contact WIRES as soon as possible.

For small animals & birds
  • To reduce stress to the animal, keep domestic pets and children away
  • Throw a towel over the animal and quickly pick it up
  • Gently place in a well-ventilated box and cover the box with a towel or blanket
  • If the animal is cold, put some warmth near, but not touching it. A bottle filled with hot water wrapped in a small towel will do
  • Do not provide heat for echidnas or reptiles
  • Oil covered animals should be placed in a cage or box with good ventilation so they are still able to breathe freely
  • Place the box in a warm, dark, quiet place and do not disturb
  • Do not try to give food or water as the animal may be in shock
  • Call WIRES or take it to a vet
For large animals & birds of prey
  • Large animals and birds of prey are dangerous to approach and handle
  • To reduce stress to the animal, keep domestic pets and children away
  • Call WIRES
  • If possible keep track of the animal until a rescuer arrives

Do not provide food or water for a sick, injured or stressed animal. Native fauna require a specialised diet and have a minimal chance of survival without it. It is illegal to keep native fauna even if orphaned or injured, they must be passed on to a licensed rescue and rehabilitation group as soon as possible.


If you see a snake, please keep your distance, do not try to touch it or try to contain it.

Snakes are very common particularly in summer and will regularly be seen around houses and yards. They are usually passing through and will be gone within a few hours. Keeping your lawn short and yard free of debris will reduce the likelihood of snakes in your yard.

If you stay well away from the snake it presents no immediate danger.

While many snakes are not venomous please keep children and pets away from snakes at all times.

Snowy Valleys Council Rangers do not investigate or collect snakes or other reptiles

Call WIRES on 1300 094 737 or visit WIRES Riverina Website 

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National Parks and Wildlife

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Tumut National Parks and Wildlife Service Office 

Phone: 02 6947 7000

This office can help you with local wildlife licensing and park management inquiries.

Address: 7a Adelong Road (PO Box 472), Tumut NSW 2720;  Opening hours: 8:30am to 4:30pm Mon-Fri