Completed Projects

Major Works Projects will be archived here upon completion and organised by the year they were marked completed.



The project will officially opened on Wednesday 27 March 2024. Upgrades include new nature-inspired play areas, accessible facilities built above the flood line, terrace seating, new play equipment, and enhanced landscaping, ensuring a lasting positive impact on the historical park for future generations. The park also features a new cycling playground with a mini road network for budding cyclists. Cycle Tumbarumba, secured a grant and oversaw the building of the Cycling Playground.

The project was officially opened on Tuesday 26 March 2024. Upgrades include new nature-inspired play spaces, accessible amenities, pedestrian bridges, upgraded walking paths, solar-powered lighting, new playground equipment, low maintenance plantings plus more seating and picnic tables, further enhancing this well-loved park and making it even more accessible for local families and visitors.   


The new Itinerant Worker Accommodation at the Batlow Caravan Park was officially opened on Wednesday 4 October 2023. The project was jointly funded by the Australian and NSW Government’s and has provided an additional 60 permanent beds to support the local horticultural and forestry industries.

The new learn-to-swim pool and splash play area was embraced by the community when it opened in January 2023. The project also involved replacing the old amenity block with a modern facility, additional shade structures, solar heating and blankets for water temperature regulation, improved drainage, and backflow pipe replacement. Construction concluded in April 2023.

The 10km stretch of Brindabella Rd between the Goodradigbee River and Piccadilly Circus (ACT border) is now wider and safer than ever. Work focused on improving safety for users by widening the road and improving steep edges and road shoulders. These $3,000,000 safety improvements were funded by the NSW Government's Fixing Local Roads Fund and were completed in December 2023.

  • Brungle Road Blackspot Roadworks

Safety upgrade improvements to a narrow section of hilly terrain along Brungle Road between Wee Jasper Road and Cockatoo Road were completed in June 2023. The project included widening three tight corners, installation of safety barriers and safety signs, and upgraded stormwater drainage. Council obtained funding under the latest Federal Government’s Black Spot Program following a successful application to help improve road safety. Total Budget $680,614 - Australian Government’s 2022/23 Black Spot Program.

Over 23,000 tonnes of bushfire destroyed trees were cleared from roadsides, public spaces and emergency access fire trails in the Snowy Valleys region as part of the $7,668,211 program funded by the NSW Government's EPA. Qualified arborists and ecologists inspected all trees, ensuring the protection of local wildlife and preserving habitat trees and hollows. Local contractors were engaged to process and re-use the materials from the clean-up.  

Stage 2 Khancoban Pool upgrades included new amenities, a new fence around the pool facility and the installation of solar heating and a blanket system to help regulate water temperature. The project was completed prior to the 2023/24 swim season.

The Regional Tracks and Trails Masterplan was developed by Council in collaboration with Tredwell to provide an integrated strategic approach to link towns and villages across the Region. The Masterplan (adopted by Council at the March 2023 Ordinary meeting) is an aspirational plan – a vision of what our region’s tracks and trails network could look like in the long term, boosting tourism and local recreation opportunities.

Community Led Projects
  • Adelong Swinging Bridge

The Adelong Progress Association secured a grant of $411,758 from the Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund and managed the restoration of the iconic bridge reopening to the public in November 2023. The bridge was closed for public safety back in 2019.

  • Jarrah Oval

The commencement of the 2023 football season saw the unveiling of the new amenities building. Carpark improvement works were also completed as part of the project. Tumut Bulls Rugby Union Club received NSW Government grants of $1,050,000 to fund the project. 

  • Khancoban Hall

The Tumbarumba Chamber of Commerce oversaw the project, undertaking tasks, including roof restoration and asbestos abatement. These efforts have restored the hall's functionality as a community gathering space and event venue. Funding of $499,305 was obtained from the NSW Government Stronger Country Communities Fund Rd 3. 

  • Talbingo Outdoor Gym Equipment

The Talbingo community received $88,657 in funding from the Bushfire Community Recovery and Resilience Fund to install fitness equipment along the Talbingo Walking Path.

  • Talbingo Signage Replacement

The Talbingo community received $48,877 in funding from the Bushfire Community Recovery and Resilience Fund to install informative town signage. 


  • Batlow - Reedy Creek Park Repatriation Project

Reedy Creek Park suffered extensive damage during the Black Summer Bushfires. Restoration efforts involved clearing fire damaged vegetation and replacement of the walking bridge in July 2022. $70,000 was received from the Commonwealth-State Bushfire Resilience and Recovery Fund (BCRRF).

  • Bombowlee Creek Road realignment and bridge replacement  

Council partnered with Softwoods Working Group to secure funding of $6,729,920 from the NSW Government’s Restart NSW Fund for the Bombowlee Creek bridge replacement and road upgrade. The installation of the new 60m long concrete flood and earthquake proof bridge and upgraded Bombowlee Creek Road ensures this essential timber road will continue to benefit the local timber industry and make safer travelling conditions for all road users.

  • McAuley School Crossing - Tumut

Council undertook construction works on the McAuley School Crossing in January 2022, in readiness for the new school year. Works included the installation of a raised platform to reduce traffic speed and improve safety for pedestrians. Funding of $126,000 was received from the Federal and State Government’s Road Safety, School Zone Infrastructure Sub Program.

Tumut Lions Club received funding to build a permanent Driver Reviver site in Tumut. Council worked with the club ensuring the site was given prime position on the Snowy Mountains highway adjacent to the new amenities and playground and youth precinct area.

The Tumut Lions Club secured funding to establish a permanent Driver Reviver site in Tumut. Collaborating with the council, the club ensured the site was strategically located along the Snowy Mountains highway, adjacent to the new amenities, playground, and youth precinct area, maximizing its accessibility and impact. The project was completed in April 2022.

Replacement of the toddler and baby pools with a splash play area and learn-to-swim pool as well as separate pool filtration and chlorination systems. The new pools were opened in December 2022

2021 and earlier

Snowy Valleys Council is proud to have delivered over $65 million in Government funded infrastructure and improvement projects during the period 2018 - 2021.

Projects include major town CBD upgrades, new pump tracks and playgrounds, public pool upgrades, new accessible amenities buildings, a new Library building for Batlow and the first Rail Trail in NSW - the Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail.

Completed projects 2018-2021