Tenders Contracting and EOI

When Council wishes to contract for goods, services and work it will normally request expressions of interest, tenders, quotes or use pre-approved supply arrangements. These requests and arrangements will be advertised in local media and this or related procurement websites including VendorPanel, and Tenderlink

To assist local industry and local economic development, we encourage a ‘buy local’ culture within Council by encouraging local suppliers to participate in Council business, or where possible source Australian made products.

Where possible, First Nations businesses are invited to quote for supplying goods and services. A qualitative weighting may be offered in the evaluation of quotations and tenders to provide advantages to First Nations owned businesses, or businesses that demonstrate a high level of First Nations employment.

If quotations are comparable and capabilities meet Council requirements, preference will be given to a local supplier as defined in our Procurement Policy.

Council will commit to the following in the sourcing of goods, services and works in all levels of its procurement processes:

  • For procurement up to $50,000: Local suppliers will be used where possible and where best-value principles, environmental and social sustainability and any other relevant criteria are demonstrated.
  • For procurement above $50,000: A compulsory assessment criteria demonstrating local and community benefit of no less than 10% overall weight will form part of the assessment.