Tumut Odour Issues - EPA Updates

In late June 2023 the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) received the first of a series of odour complaints for the Gilmore and Tumut areas where the community were describing the odours as smelling like a rotten egg/sulphur smell.

Since the receipt of the first complaint, officers have conducted regular in person odour surveys at locations around the facility to determine intensity, persistence, and potential aggravating factors of the odour. 

After a thorough inspection of numerous licensed premises within the Tumut region, the EPA identified the source of recent odours as coming from a Waste Management Facility at Bellettes Landfill on Killarney Road, Gilmore. 

A Clean Up Notice and a Prevention Notice has been issued to Tumut Waste Pty Ltd that restricts the volume and types of waste that can be accepted at Bellettes Landfill, in response to the recent odour issue that has been occurring around Tumut and Gilmore.

Odour detection monitors have been installed around Tumut and Gilmore to monitor odours. The readings from these monitors are reported in the charts on the EPA Website. 

The EPA have also engaged with NSW Health, Snowy Valleys Council, Safe Work NSW, Fire and Rescue NSW and industry to further manage impacts across the community.

For queries about the investigation, please contact the 24-hour Environment Line on 131 555 or email [email protected]

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