Roaming Livestock

Council treats the issue of livestock roaming on the roads or road verges as a serious emergency issue and Rangers will respond in and out of business hours. 

If you see livestock wandering freely on roads contact the local police or Council Offices:


The stock owner is responsible for their stock at all times and is liable for any damages or injury that may occur as a result of their livestock being involved in an accident.

After Hours Call Out Fines for Livestock Owners

If Council Rangers are called out after hours to deal with stock on road, the owner may receive an invoice for the cost of time and mileage for the call out.  If repeat offences occur, then in addition to the invoice for time and mileage, the owner may receive fines for allowing animals to walk freely on the roads.  These fines can be up to $300 per animal.

Roadside Grazing Permits

You must have authorisation from Council and a permit from the Local Land Services before grazing livestock by the roadside.

 To apply for a Roadside Grazing Permit you will need:

  • A signed 'Application for Authorisation' from Council
  • Proof of insurance, citing validity for roadside grazing  
  • Stock ID Tag numbers
  • An application fee (payable to Local Lands Services prior to the issue of the grazing permit)

Click here to go to our Forms page where you can access the Roadside grazing permit application. Use the search bar on the page to easily find the form you are after.

Additional stock movement permits can be obtained directly from the Local Land Services.