Heritage Listings

What rules apply to heritage listed items?

If your property is heritage listed, please be aware that special rules apply for development. Buildings cannot be demolished or redeveloped without Council approval (unless the proposed work is very minor) and trees on the property may also require approval prior to lopping or removal. 

Detailed plans and reports must be lodged if you want to renovate, build something new or subdivide; showing how you will maintain the heritage values of the property.

These rules also impact on what can be built next door to a heritage listed item so as not to detract from its heritage significance.

To see if your property is heritage listed insert the property details in the NSW heritage search. This search can tell you whether your property is listed and also why it is considered significant

Search for NSW Heritage

Council Heritage Services

Snowy Valleys’ Heritage Advisor is available to meet members of the public, either on site or at Council offices, one day each month in order to discuss your needs on heritage matters.

This service provides:

  • Free preliminary architectural and building advice to give direction to heritage projects
  • Assistance with preparation of information for inclusion in Development Applications
  • Identification of heritage priorities, colour schemes, detailing and selection of appropriate materials and techniques

To make an appointment please contact our Customer Service Team: