Development Control Plans

Development Control Plans (DCPs) contain guidelines affecting development proposals within the region. They provide detailed guidelines for developers as well as others involved and interested in the development of the Snowy Valleys region.

The aim of the DCP is to encourage and facilitate a high standard of design, minimise land use conflicts and clearly set out the processes, procedures and responsibilities of applicants and Council. It also seeks to protect heritage significance, encourage innovative design and ensure developments are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Development Applications are assessed on their merits using the DCP and the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) together with State Environmental Planning Policies.

Snowy Valleys Development Control Plan 2024

At the ordinary general meeting of Council on the 16th November 2023, Council resolved to adopt the Snowy Valleys Development Control Plan 2024. The plan provides a suite of prescriptive and performance based controls that apply to development within the Snowy Valleys Local Government Area. These controls only apply in the case of where a development application is required to be lodged with Council.  

As part of the adoption of the Snowy Valleys Development Control Plan 2024, Council has made a number of amendments including:

  • Undertaking a number of key administrative amendments to facilitate clarity and certainty around a broad range of development controls.
  • Ensuring the plan reflects current legislation references, where changes to legislation have occurred since the commencement of the former plan in 2019.
  • Providing clarity and additional information to assist in the interpretation and application of key residential controls including changes to cut and fill requirements.
  • Providing additional clarity to the application of provisions under clause 8.3 relating specifically to place based controls of the Goobarragandra Valley.

The Snowy Valleys Development Control Plan 2024 took effect on 2 January 2024 and will apply to all development applications lodged with Council from this date. The plan will not affect any application lodged and formally accepted by Council prior to this date. 

Snowy Valleys Development Control Plan 2024(PDF, 5MB)