Disability Access & Inclusion

Snowy Valleys Council has a vision for an inclusive, respectful and diverse community where people of all abilities have the opportunity to live, learn, work and play as they choose and can actively participate in decisions that may impact on them.

Snowy Valleys Council Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP)

A disability can be caused by a range of conditions including intellectual, physical, cognitive, sensory, neurological impairments or mental illness.

Snowy Valleys Council’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan(PDF, 644KB)  is one way we can reduce and remove barriers for people with disability and foster a more accessible and inclusive community.

Council aims to involve the community in determining services and the development of policies, programs and services. 

 We engage people with disability and their carers as a key part of our commitment to Disability Inclusion Action Planning, supporting the fundamental right of choice for people with disability to choose how they live their lives, access opportunities and enjoy the benefits of living and working in the Snowy Valleys Council region.

The Disability Action Plan has four focus areas; employment, attitudes and behaviours, systems and processes and liveable communities.

Each of the Strategies will be reflected in our 2028 Community Strategic Plan 

*Under the Disability Inclusion Act 2014, all NSW Government Departments, some other government agencies and all Local Councils (collectively referred to as “public authorities”) are required to develop a Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP).

Council Support Services 

Tumbarumba Multi Service Outlet

For over 30 the Tumbarumba Multi Service Outlet (MSO) has been providing services to frail aged people, their carers and people with disabilities in the Tumbarumba area.  The MSO is supported by the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)*.  

Click here to learn more Tumbarumba Multi Service Outlet

Community Transport

Transport for NSW provides funding to community transport operators to provide services under three government programs.

To access information on Tumut District or Tumbarumba Community Transport via the NSW Transport Operators site search for 'Snowy Valleys Council”. 

Click here to learn more about Community Transport in the Snowy Valleys - Community Transport

Other Support Services in the Region


IDEAS stands for Information on Disability, Education and Awareness Services. Their purpose is to enable the frail, aged, people with disabilities, their families, carers, supporters, and service providers to become better informed when making decisions. IDEAS enable people with disability to make independent life choices.  They do this by providing free information and links to services and supports.

Customers can connect with IDEAS via the website www.ideas.org.au or by emailing [email protected]