Public DA Notifications

Council will give notice of a Development Application to affected persons where, in the responsible Council Officer’s opinion, the enjoyment of the land may be detrimentally affected, in relation to:

  • views to and from the land;
  • overshadowing;
  • privacy;
  • pollution, in terms of noise, dust, fumes and the like;
  • the visual quality of the building in relation to the streetscape;
  • the scale or bulk of the proposed building;
  • the siting of the proposed building in relation to the development site boundaries;
  • hours of use;
  • light or reflection;
  • means of access to or provision of parking on the development site;
  • proposed changes to any covenant or easement benefiting the adjoining or neighbouring land;
  • the height, materials and position of fences erected on a boundary, or
  • traffic generation.

Should anyone wish to lodge a submission/objection relating to the subject application, please ensure that submissions are in writing, addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, including your name and address and clearly indicating the specific grounds for objection. Click here to learn more about making a submission(PDF, 34KB)

Please note that under Section 10.4 (5) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, all persons lodging an objection/submission are required to declare any political donations which may have been made 2 years prior to the making of the objection/submission and ending when the application is determined.