Alcohol Free Zones

To help regulate and control anti-social behaviour and enhance public safety, there are some public areas in the Snowy Valleys that prohibit alcohol consumption and possession.

Alcohol free zones (AFZs) and alcohol prohibited areas (APAs) may be used by councils to prohibit alcohol consumption in public places to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime.

Council's Alcohol Free Zones and Alcohol Prohibited Areas will apply in the following locations  to 01 July, 2024. Drinking of alcohol is prohibited in a zone that has been established by Council. These zones are enforced by the NSW Police Force.


  • Tumut Street, between Wyndham Street and Travers Street
  • Campbell Street between Tumut Street and Lockhart Street.
  • Victoria Hill Road, near the Caravan Park including the public car park

With the exclusion of the Section in front of the Adelong Hotel at specified times when alcohol is provided with meals in a dining environment.



  • Weemala Lookout (all of the Lookout area from the junction of the access road and carpark).
  • Batlow Central Town area including the following roads – Batlow Road from Pioneer Street to Selwyn Street inclusive, Selwyn Street from Batlow Road to Pioneer Street, and Pioneer Street from Batlow Road to New Hospital Access.



  • The area bounded by The Parade and Winton Street between Selwyn and Bridge Street and Winton Street between Bridge and Fleet Street Tumbarumba.

Note: Excludes a 2 metres x 20 metres of The Parade footpath along the façade of the Union Hotel.



Alcohol Free Zones

  • Tumut CBD - Wynyard Street between Fitzroy and Capper Streets. 
  • Russell Street between Richmond and Merivale Streets.

Note: Does not apply to the section in front of the Woolpack and Star Hotels at specified times when alcohol is provided with meals in a dining environment.

  • Elm Drive from the racing stables to the Tumut Racecourse parking area and boat launch inclusive. 
  • Kell’s Lane at the Little River Bridge. This area is no longer a car park or acces

Alcohol Prohibition Zones

  • Skate Park, Pump Track, Basketball Court and children’s playground and associated car parks adjacent Fitzroy Street.
  • Public land adjoining Little River Bridge.


To access our Alcohol Free Zones Policy visit our Forms and Policy page and search 'Alcohol Free' -SVC Forms and Policies