Khancoban Kids Get Creative

Published on 12 October 2017

20171007_102411 Khancoban Skate Park.jpg

The Khancoban skatepark has received a colourful facelift, with eight budding young artists participating in a free aerosol art workshop in the school holidays.

Council’s Youth Development Officer Evan Saunders was pleased with the participation.

“This is the first time we’ve run the holiday program in Khancoban, and I was thrilled with how receptive the families and kids were,” he said.

Talented award winning aerosol artist Luke Vineburg travelled from Wagga to  deliver the free aerosol art workshop to the local kids.

“We had eight participants who all got to paint their own board learning the techniques that enabled them to correctly paint some lettering and some stencil art,” Mr Saunders said.

After mastering the artform and techniques, the participants turned their newly acquired skills to the skatepark itself under the supervision of Mr Vineburg.

“Each child then got to help paint some bright coloured leopard print designs on the skate park adding some colour to the town. It was well received by the locals and kids, and it was great to have such a professional facilitator who is patient and enthusiastic with the participants,” Mr Saunders said.

Khancoban Skate Park.JPG

The aerosol art activity was one of two school holiday program events for Khancoban held during the spring break.

Earlier in the week Mr Saunders had arranged for Sydney-based Totem Skate School to travel to Khancoban to host a skate workshop for local skaters.

“This was another first for Khancoban and we had a great turnout of about twelve first time skaters. Kids and parents were very receptive to the session there and we will definitely be back to run more programs in future holiday periods,” Mr Saunders said.

Servicing the larger council area with programs is not without its challenges.

“Providing youth activities is a whole new game with the new, much bigger Council area. To put it in perspective, I covered 800km’s in five days during the second week of the holidays supervising and coordinating activities. But it was absolutely worth it,” Mr Saunders said.

Mr Saunders has already turned his attention to the summer holiday period.

“For the summer holiday program I’m looking at working with the pools and youth councils to perhaps develop some pool parties and movie nights,” he said.

Council is always keen to hear ideas for youth programs and activities. You can get in touch with the Youth Development Officer by calling 69412560 or by emailing

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