On Public Exhibition

The Public Exhibition of documents gives you the chance to formally have your say on important documents generated by Council, such as strategies, policies, development plans and planning information. Submissions received during the public exhibition period will be part of the report used by Council to inform decision making. 

Currently On Display

Click on the links below to have your say 

Click here to have your say on the draft Community Participation Plan

Click here to have your say on the draft Economic Development Assistance Policy

Click here to have your say on the draft Mannus Lake Blue-Green Algae Management Policy


You can provide your written submission in the following ways:

  • Mail: General Manager,Snowy Valleys Council, 76 Capper Street, Tumut 2720 or General Manager, Snowy Valleys Council PO Box 61, Tumbarumba 2653
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Online Feedback Form

Important information regarding your submission

Written submissions may be attached to the public report that is submitted to Council, unless you explicitly request you do not wish this to occur. They are subject to the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 and the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act (PIPPA).