Feral Pests


Pests and insects cause economic losses to agricultural production, pose an unacceptable risk of exotic disease, threaten the survival of native species, and cause environmental degradation.

In NSW, land managers are required to control declared pest species on their land in accordance with the Rural Lands Protection Act.

Species currently declared pests in NSW include:

  • Wild Rabbits
  • Wild Dogs
  • Feral Pigs
  • European Red Foxes
  • Feral Camels
  • Locusts (Australian Plague, Spur-Throated and Migratory species)


Help with Feral Pests

Local Land Services (LLS) can provide advice and assistance in the eradicating of declared pest species including wild dogs, rabbits and European red foxes. LLS also develop and implement initiatives to manage pests. For more information, visit their website or contact their offices.

Tumbarumba area – Murray Local Land Services

Steve Thompson, Land Services Officer

Phone: 02 6948 9197; Mobile: 0428 217 271; Email: [email protected]

Address: Cnr Bridge/Winton Street (PO Box 345), Tumbarumba, NSW 2653


Tumut area – Riverina Local Land Services

Phone: (02) 6941 1400; Email: [email protected]

Address: 64 Fitzroy Street (PO Box 3), Tumut, NSW 2720


Feral Cat Traps

Feral cats wreak havoc on native birds and generally create a nuisance, as well as uncontrolled breeding.   In an effort to resolve this problem, several cat cages are located around towns, and others may be rented from Council for a fee. 

Once the cat is trapped, you must ensure humane and correct return/disposal procedures are followed.

Steps in capturing a stray/feral cat:
  • Use Bait – Sardines can be put into an open plastic bag or cut-off end of an old stocking and attached to the hook within trap
  • Cover Trap  - with hessian bag, towel or blanket leaving the open end uncovered
  • Trap is not to be left unattended for more than 12 hours

If trap is occupied with a cat / dog when checked, please contact our Ranger’s Office during regular business hours.  The animal will be taken and an owner will attempt to be identified. If the animal is not able to be identified it will be kept for seven (7) working days. If it is not claimed it will then be re-homed through a rescue agency or euthanized.

Note: Our Rangers are not able to collect caught cats outside of regular business hours so it is best not to set the trap on weekends.

Click here to go to our Forms page where you can access the Cat Cage Hire Form. Use the search bar on the page to easily find the form you are after.

Problems with Roaming, Stray, Nuisance & Feral Cats