Planning a Weed Control Strategy

Weeds thrive on disturbance

As well as taking action to remove weeds, you need to look at what has contributed to the infestation, and treat the causes, as well as the symptom (the weeds). Reliance on simply spraying weeds as they appear is an expensive spiral of increasing disturbance and increasing infestation.

Healthy, vigorous native vegetation or pasture is relatively weed-resistant. Nevertheless, timing is the crucial factor in weed control.

Remember; removing a weed may simply result in its replacement by another rapidly growing coloniser of empty space, usually another weed. Look at the whole picture, and decide what you want to achieve before starting a weed control program.

If you have any questions or need assistance in planning a weed control strategy for your property, contact our Customer Service Team during business hours to set up a meeting with our Biosecurity Officers.