Adelong Swinging Bridge Closes to Traffic

Published on 05 September 2019

Adelong swinging bridge closed

Structural defects have caused the immediate closure of the old Adelong Swinging Bridge.

Inspections recently conducted on the old Adelong swinging bridge have identified structural defects associated with its construction and to ensure public safety Council has closed the bridge until upgrade works can be undertaken.

“To ensure the safety of the community the bridge has been closed to public access with immediate effect,” said Heinz Kausche, Council’s Acting Director of Assets and Infrastructure.

In June council undertook maintenance work on the bridge including replacing some of the rotten decking planks, repairing sections of the wire netting and painting the kickboards.

“At that time we were hearing concerns from locals about the overall health of the bridge and how it could be managed in the medium to longer term rather than just the day to day maintenance,” Mr Kausche said.  

“Council then employed an engineer to provide a structural report on the bridge so we could better understand how the asset might be managed longer term.

“The structural condition report identified several shortcomings with the bridge’s structural integrity associated with its construction and it was recommended that the bridge be closed to public access in the short term”.

Mr Kausche said the full outcomes of the structural condition assessment will be reported to Council at the September Council meeting, with a recommendation on how funding can be allocated to its upgrade.

“While the bridge is a popular historical attraction we anticipate there will be minimal impact on access in the area given there is an alternative route available to cross the creek,” said Mr Kausche.

Council has erected fencing and signage at the site advising of the complete closure.

The September Council meeting will be held at Council Chambers in Tumbarumba on Thursday 19 September starting at 2pm.

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