Boil Water Notice Lifted for Brungle

Published on 19 January 2024

Brungle Boil Water Notice Lifted

The Boil Water notice that has been in place in Brungle since the 29th of December 2023 has now been lifted in consultation with NSW Health. Water in the Brungle reticulation is now safe to drink.

Snowy Valleys Council has been working closely with NSW Health and NSW DPE Water Inspectors to resolve the problems with the water treatment plant which included electrical issues and plant equipment failure.

Following the replacement of faulty equipment, additional water quality monitoring and intensive flushing of the water supply network was undertaken along with the normal operational monitoring of the water supply.

Water samples were also sent for microbial analysis and the results were shared with NSW Health.

Council would like to thank the Brungle community for their patience while staff worked through this issue and apologises for the inconvenience that this has caused.

A letterbox drop to affected residents has also been undertaken.

Advice for flushing internal plumbing

If you have not used reticulated (tap) water for the last couple of days, flush internal plumbing:

1. Identify options for collection and reuse of flushed water, e.g. plant watering.

2. Identify the taps furthest from the water meter. Open the taps to allow water from the main to flush the building’s pipes. Let the taps run for at least 2 minutes. Flushing for a longer period (up to 5 minutes) or selecting outlets at a number of locations may be required for larger buildings.

3. Flush each drinking water outlet for about 10 seconds to remove water that has been sitting in the taps

Advice for water tanks filled during a Boil Water Notice

If you have filled any tanks with reticulated water during the boil water notice, you should empty and refill the tank or continue to boil this water until the tank has been emptied and refilled. NSW Health has guidance for water tanks on their website.

Anyone concerned about their health is advised to contact their local medical professional.