Come Find Us Campaign Launches

Published on 21 May 2020

Blowering Dam backdrop used to promote the Snowy Valleys and thier Come find Us campaign.png

Holiday makers and travelers are being enticed to plan trips and stay-overs in the Snowy Valleys region from the first of June.

In response to announcement of state travel restrictions about to be lifted, Snowy Valleys Council has launched its Come Find Us social media and print campaign.

Council’s Executive Director Community and Corporate Paul Holton said that immediately following the Premier’s announcement the Visit Snowy Valleys’ campaign was put into motion.

“With a couple of key long weekends in the ACT and NSW approaching, it was important that we came out of the gates fast to get a good share of the air time,” he said.

“We have been developing content and collateral behind the scenes to ensure when the restrictions were lifted we were ready to respond and ramp up promotion of the region,” Mr Holton explained.

Previously Council had been encouraging potential visitors to plan future adventures in the Snowy Valleys via the social media campaign, ‘dream now visit later’.

Mr Holton says the new campaign is a seamless follow-on from that promotion with the Come Find Us tag-line now encouraging people to put their holiday and travel dreams into action.

“Whilst we know other regions will also be working hard to attract domestic visitors our wide open spaces, outdoor adventuring and fantastic road touring networks make the Snowy Valleys a very attractive offering,” he said.

Other promotions which had begun before the coronavirus restrictions will also be used to encourage holiday makers and road trippers including the ‘empty esky’ movement and ‘stay in the bush’ which were developed to encourage foodies and adventurers to return to bushfire affected areas.

Mr Holton said drive tourism and road trips were also big segments being targeted including tying in local touring routes like the Snowy Valleys Way and the Great River Road.

“We are targeting families, youth and grey nomad visitors and encouraging them to make a return visit to our area or to choose the Snowy Valleys for their next holiday or day-trip,” he said.

Community and businesses can also help to promote the Snowy Valleys on social media by tagging #visitsnowyvalleys in their favourite local photos and posts.



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