Council Stability Serves Community

Published on 03 September 2018


Twelve months on from the formation of Snowy Valleys Council the new organizational structure is proving effective at meeting current and emerging needs of the community. 

Council’s General Manager Matthew Hyde said the current structure has served Council well since elections 12 months ago.

“Apart from a few minor amendments I am pleased to say the overall size and structure of the workforce has remained relatively stable,” Mr Hyde said.

“Current levels are 242 full-time equivalent staff across the LGA”.

The Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) requires Council to review and determine Council’s organisational structure within 12 months of an ordinary election. The permanent structure was endorsed by Council at the August 2018 meeting.

Mr Hyde said since the adoption of the new structure in April 2017, Council’s management team has been working to determine staffing needs and to deliver services effectively in the community.

"We need a workforce capable of responding to the current and future emerging needs of our community and I’m confident our staff structure can deliver on these objectives,” Mr Hyde said.

Mr Hyde noted that the Government’s requirement for staffing levels to remain stable in the Tumbarumba office was also being met.

“The Tumbarumba and Khancoban staff numbers have actually grown slightly from 105 staff in May 2017 to 118 staff as at 30 June this year”, Mr Hyde said.

Snowy Valleys Council’s executive comprises the office of the General Manager and three Directorates; Strategy, Community & Development, Internal Services, and Assets & Infrastructure.

“It’s important to have stability in a new organization. I’m confident we now have the permanent organisation structure to support the work of Council and to progress exciting projects like the major infrastructure developments,” Mr Hyde said.

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