Council commits funds in response to potential Blue Green Algal Blooms

Published on 05 November 2019

Draft Mannus Lake Blue-Green Algae Management Policy.png

Snowy Valleys Council has endorsed and allocated funds for the continued monitoring of Mannus Lake for blue-green algae bloom and assisting with domestic water supply for affected local residents.

Council’s Acting Director Heinz Kausche said council is also working with other Government bodies on securing funding for a mechanical mixer to help reduce the risk of ongoing algal blooms in the Lake

“To help determine the general response levels and actions required during an outbreak council has developed a Mannus Lake Blue-Green Algae Bloom Management Policy.

 “The draft policy sets out the implementation strategies including monitoring techniques and communication management and also commits to water monitoring and testing along with assisting with domestic water supply to affected landholders,” Mr Kausche said.

Assisted by feedback from the Mannus Lake User Group new warning signage at the lake is also being explored to more clearly indicate the alert status and the implications for locals and visitors.

“Councillors have given their go-ahead to fund the upgrade of signage and we anticipate new signs will be secured on site during November,’ Mr Kausche said.

It is also intended that a mixer be installed 150m upstream of the dam wall, in the deepest part of the Lake, noting that this will be subject to securing funding.

Community members can visit Council’s your voice website to have their say on the draft Mannus Lake Blue-Green Algae Bloom Management Policy at:


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