Dog Off-leash Area for Tumbarumba Announced

Published on 21 July 2021

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Tumbarumba dog owners can now legally walk their pets off leash at Bi -Centennial Park.

This follows a resolution from Council at their July meeting to declare Bi -Centennial Park an official Off Leash Area.

Public sentiment around the choice of Bi-Centennial Park had been positive and the community had already been using unofficially as an off leash site.

The decision now enables Council to balance the positive outcomes of dog off leash areas with community expectations, minimising environmental impacts and ensuring users of public spaces feel safe and secure.

While regular off-leash exercises can help dogs release energy and relieve boredom and unwanted behaviour such as excessive barking, the companion animals act states that dogs who are off leash must be able to be controlled.

Council has the task of balancing the needs of dog owners, while understanding that one person’s pet can mean fear and anxiety to others

Park users will be made aware that dogs may be off leash via signage enabling them to choose a different park if they are not comfortable being around dogs that are running free.

Bila Park in Tumut was declared a dog off-leash area in 2015 and was the only declared off-leash area in the Snowy Valleys Council district.

Council sought public submissions for three possible new sites proposed to be declared as Dog Off Leash Areas in Tumbarumba, Batlow and Adelong.  Of the 15 submissions received most were positive about Bi-Centennial Park in Tumbarumba.

Feedback received in response to the proposed areas in Batlow and Adelong was not as positive and council has resolved to undertake further consultation with the Adelong Progress Association and the Batlow Community and Cultural Association to identify suitable locations for Dog Off Leash Areas in those towns before further notification occurs.

The cost to establish the new off leash area in Bicentennial Park is approximately $3500 and includes signage, a Dog Litter Bag Dispenser and installation costs. Ongoing costs will be for biodegradable bags for the dispensers.

Council encourages responsible pet ownership.

It is important to remind residents to keep their dogs on-lead when approaching the park and to keep an eye on their pet while using the facility.

In a designated off-leash area, a dog may be exercised without a lead if its owner has effective control over it. This includes carrying a chain, cord or leash, remaining in voice or hand control, staying within constant sight of the dog at all times, and not allowing it to worry or threaten another person or animal.



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