FOGO Collections Start Monday

Published on 29 July 2021

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More than 6,000 residential properties will move to a new, innovative way to manage waste when Snowy Valleys Council’s new organics kerbside collection service kicks off from 2 August 2021.

With the introduction of a Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) collection service, residents will help to divert around 1,000 tonnes of organic waste from landfill each year and turn it into quality compost.

Executive Director Infrastructure Heinz Kausche said the introduction of a weekly FOGO collection service will make big improvements in Council’s waste management and is a major goal in Council’s Towards Zero Waste Strategy.

“Our teams have been working hard over the past month delivering the new bins and ensuring everyone is ready for the new service to begin,” he said.

Introduction of the new organics service means two bins are collected weekly – the organics (green-lid) bin and either the recycling (yellow-lid) or waste (red-lid) bin.

“We understand and appreciate that changing the red bin to a fortnightly pickup may be challenging for some in the short term, but we have a great community here and most people understand how important it is that we reduce the amount of product that ends up in landfill,” said Mr Kausche.

To help residents become familiar with the new three-bin service, households with a kerbside collection service will have received an information pack in the mail this week.

The pack contains a kerbside collection calendar, food waste and kitchen caddy tips, recycling information and other ideas on how to move Towards Zero Waste.

FOGO is organic material including food-scraps, food soiled paper and general garden waste.

Put the following in your Green Lid Bin:

  • Food  – including leftovers (cooked or raw), spoiled food, baked good, fruit/vegetable scraps, meat bones, seafood, dairy, cheese, egg shells, tea bags and coffee grinds
  • Garden – including lawn/grass clippings, weeds, leaves, flowers and small prunnings
  • You can also dispose of food-soiled tissues, paper towel, napkins, paper packaging and soiled pizza boxes

Items that should not go in the Green Lid Bin include

  • No animal waste or kitty litter
  • No nappies, personal hygiene products or medical waste
  • No plastic bags, cling wrap or any other hard or soft plastic packaging
  • No stickers found on fruit and vegetables
  • No recyclables, textiles, vacuum dust or cigarette butts
  • No treated or painted timber, building materials or metals and glass
  • No soil, stumps or root balls

For more information on the new collection service and what goes in each bin visit

This project is supported by the Environmental Trust as part of the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.



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