Final Candidate Information Session Moves Online

Published on 29 September 2021

Online Candidate Session

Locals interested in standing for the December NSW Local Government Elections can attend an upcoming online Candidate Information Session to learn more about what being a councillor involves.

The free forum, to be held via video link on Saturday 16 October, will be presented by Local Government NSW facilitator, Maire Sheehan.

The session will provide an opportunity for potential candidates to:

  • Identify the key requirements of becoming a councillor
  • Recognise how the councillor role fits in with other roles and levels of government
  • Address key expectations and potential challenges in becoming a councillor
  • Know how the councillor role fits in with Integrated Planning and Reporting
  • Understand key elements of council meetings, including code of conduct and conflict of interest.

The new date for Local Government Elections is 4 December 2021 and the candidate nomination period opens on Monday, 25 October and closes at 12 noon Wednesday, 3 November.

Council’s Chief Executive Officer Matthew Hyde encourages anyone thinking of running for council to attend the session.

“Councillors are responsible for making significant decisions that have far-reaching impacts on their community, and the information session provides a platform to help in understanding what is involved in running for local government and serving as an elected official,” Mr Hyde said.

For more information and to RSVP for the Information Session visit


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