Health check workshops for volunteer committees

Published on 10 September 2020


Council staff are meeting with Council’s volunteer committees this month as part of a refresher workshop and committee health check to ensure they have the tools and support necessary to successfully manage their operations.

CEO Matthew Hyde said Council currently has more than 30 committees operating across the region, some in an advisory capacity and others who manage community assets.

“Our committees contribute significantly to Council’s business and they provide a valuable and vital link between the operation of Council and the community,” said Mr Hyde. 

“As volunteers for our community they work side by side with Council to deliver services, facilities and informed decision making and are very much valued.

“The workshops are not about taking over or booting people out, they are about working together and ensuring that our committees have the support and tools they need to fulfil their roles with confidence,” Mr Hyde explained.

The health checks are an opportunity for committee members and council staff delegates to discuss the general running of the committee and to ensure a consistent approach to its operation and the many obligations and responsibilities it shares with council.

As the volunteer committees are legally part of Council and any actions the committee undertakes is conducted under Council’s authority, Mr Hyde said it was important that every committee was well supported and can operate within the requirements of council’s policies, procedures and plans.

“Feedback has been mostly positive with many volunteers embracing the opportunity to connect with council staff and proudly discuss the valuable work that they undertake,” he said.

Council is currently seeking feedback on its draft Council Committee Framework which is on public exhibition until the 18th September.

Committee members and the general public are invited to review the framework and provide any feedback during the public exhibition period by visiting Council’s website  Submissions close on 18 September 2020.

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