Key Decisions from 18 November 2021 Council Meeting

Published on 23 November 2021

Key Decisions from the Council Meeting.png

Council’s Monthly Ordinary Meeting was held virtually on Thursday 18 November 2021, with all Councillors in attendance. The meeting was livestreamed on Council’s YouTube channel.

The meeting documents and live recording can be viewed on Council’s website at

At the meeting Council made key decisions on the following reports:

NOTICE OF MOTION - CHARGING STATIONS FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES - CLR CATE CROSS – Council agreed to continue working with NRMA/State Government on the provisions for electric vehicle charging stations throughout the Snowy Valleys.

They also agreed to seek endorsement and support from the Chambers of Commerce and business associations in seeking charging stations for the region.

NOTICE OF MOTION - CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION COMMITTEE - CLR GEOFF PRITCHARD - Council requested that staff present information on a Climate Change Adaptation Committee to the new Council in 2022.

CIVIC DUTIES DELEGATION FOLLOWING LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTION ON 4 DECEMBER 2021 – Council authorised that outgoing Mayor, Mr James Phillip Hayes of Adelong will continue to exercise the functions of Mayor following the caretaker period and election, until a Mayor is elected by the new Council.

END OF TERM REPORT 2017-2021 – Council received the End of Term Report 2017-2021 which provides a summary of achievements and activity across the term of Council and reports progress against baseline measures contained within the Community Strategic Plan, Snowy Valleys 2028, and the Delivery Program 2018-2021.

2020-21 ANNUAL REPORT – Council received and approved the 2020-21 Annual Report including the State of Environment Report.

The State of the Environment Report is due every four years and references Council’s activity against the environmental objectives contained within the Community Strategic Plan for the term of Council.

QUARTERLY BUDGET REVIEW AS AT 30 SEPTEMBER 2021 – Council adopted the quarterly budget review which showed Council’s income at end of September 2021 was 2% below budget, while expenditure was 5% above budget. Both income and expenditure are considered satisfactory having a variation being 5% or less of original budget.

AUDIT RISK AND IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE ANNUAL REPORT 2020-2021 Council received the Audit Risk and Improvement Committee Annual Report 2020 -2021.

The Audit Risk and Improvement Committee plays a pivotal role in Council’s governance framework. It provides Council with independent oversight and monitoring including internal and external reporting, risk management activities, internal and external audit, and compliance.

SNOWY VALLEYS COUNCIL CHILD SAFE ORGANISATION FRAMEWORK AND POLICY – Council adopted the SVC Child Safe framework and policy following public exhibition. The documents recognise SVC as a Child Safe Organisation and ensures that all employees, Councillors, consultants, contractors & sub-contractors and volunteers engaged by Council are aware of the commitments and obligations to a child safe organisation.

BOMBOWLEE CREEK ROAD LAND ACQUISITION Council agreed to acquire land on Bombowlee Creek Road associated with the realignment of the Bombowlee Creek Bridge.

As part of the improvements on Bombowlee Creek Road, the project has included the realignment of the bridge over the Bombowlee Creek, approximately 10km from the Wee Jasper Road intersection.

The new alignment will improve the momentum of heavy vehicles going towards the Bondo State Forest. Funding for the Bombowlee Creek Road Improvements project is through the Softwoods Working Group.

Council will fund the land purchase through the 2021/2022 Capital Works budget.

SNOWY VALLEY COUNCIL'S DRAFT RURAL LANDS STUDY (RLS) – Council agreed to release the Draft Rural Lands Study for public exhibition.

The Rural Lands Study is a key reference document for the development of a new SVC Local Environment Plan (LEP). The RLS has implications for the Snowy Valleys community and NSW more generally.


Council adopted recommendations from the minutes including using the terms ‘First Nations’ or ‘Aboriginal’ when referring to local Aboriginal people and commencing implementation of an interpretative walking trial named ‘Gudja Gudja Mura’ in Tumbarumba.

  • This was the final meeting of the inaugural Snowy Valleys Council who are now in caretaker mode.
  • Local Government Elections will take place on Saturday 4 December 2021 where a new Council will be elected for a three-year term.



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