LED streetlight replacement provides long-term benefits

Published on 21 July 2020

LED Street Lighting.jpg

Street lights across the Snowy Valleys are about to shine more sustainably thanks to a switch to energy efficient globes.

Snowy Valleys Council will fund the replacement of 1,405 streetlights throughout the region with energy efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as part of Council’s Streetlight LED Replacement Program.  

Mayor James Hayes said the LED replacement program is another step in Council’s commitment to creating a more sustainable and energy efficient environment for Snowy Valleys’ communities.

“The LEDs will improve lighting reliability and overall light quality, which will help to improve safety in our towns and villages, as well as providing increased maintenance savings and energy efficiency gains,” Clr Hayes said.

At their July Ordinary Meeting Councillors agreed to fund upfront the accelerated replacement of the lights rather than spread the funding and upgrade over the next ten years.

Council will invest approximately $798,000 to complete the bulk upgrade, with costs expected to be recouped over seven years.

“The LED technology will reduce the energy used by street lights by more than 50% and will save Council and the community more than $105,000 annually in electricity costs,” said Clr Hayes.

“By funding the replacement now we can put the annual savings towards future and evolving smart technologies like people/vehicle sensor counters and environmental sensors,” he said.

Essential Energy operates the street lights under an arrangement with Council and will begin the installation of the new globes in August, with work expected to be completed by November 2020.